Driving License Application Form Download 

Driving License Online Application Form – Driving License Online Application Form, If you  want to get driving license . Then this article is for you only. Because after reading this article, you do not need to go to the SDO office and get the form by standing in line. Because you can download the direct form through the link given in this article. And by filling it  you can apply for driving license test . So let’s see Driving License Online Application Form – How to download Driving License Online Application Form?

Driving License Application Form Download

To get a driving license, first you have to fill the driving license application form. By filling and submitting it, you can apply for the driving license test. You will get the driving license application form online. But this is not a form. In this, 3-4 forms have to be filled together. So let us give you all this information. And at the same time you  can also download  the driving license application form .

Here we have  given you 4 driving license application forms  . which you have to download. After downloading form number 1, 1A & 2 you  have to fill and apply for  driving license test .

image 38

Download Driving License Application Form PDF

You will get a learning license after passing the driving license test  . Whose validity will remain for 6 months. Anytime within these 6 months, you  can apply for  a driving license  by filling Form 4.

Driving License Online Application Form Download 

  • Click on the link given below to download the online driving license application form. 

As you can understand from the name of online driving license application form given above, which form has to be filled for whom. Be it physical fitness or medical certificate or driving license. 

To get the Learning License, you have to pay the Driving License Fee of Rs.250. And you have to submit its challan along with the form. Once you get the learning license, after 30 days you can apply  for driving license by filling Form No 4 with Driving License Fees of Rs.400. 

  • You can read the photo given below for the driving license test. 
image 37

Note:  By the way, for the first learning license, which had to be given xam. He has gone online these days. So we have to give that driving license test by sitting in the computer. And because of the same driving license test, we will get the learning license.