EMV Chip Debit Card, What is EMV Chip Debit Card ?

What is EMV Chip Debit Card and what are its benefits, As EMVCo.com informs, EMV cards contain “a transaction-unique digital seal or signature in the chip proves its authenticity in an offline environment and prevents criminals from using fraudulent payment cards.” As you can tell, using chip cards has helped to make great strides in the way of preventing fraud.

EMV Chip Debit Card – 

Nowadays almost all banks have issued instructions to their customers to replace their old magnetic strip atm card with new EMV Chip Debit Card . But do you know why banks issued this instruction and what is this EMV Chip Debit Card, today in this post we are going to tell you what is EMV Chip Debit Card and how it is more secure than the old magnetic strip card. Is.

If you had got atm card made many years ago, then you would have got a card with magnetic strip. In this card, all your information is hidden in a black strip on the back of the card, this strip is called magnetic strip.

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For some time, the problem of bank fraud has increased a lot, through ATM cloning, thieves grab your hard earned money from your bank. These people steal your card information by installing a skimmer device in the atm machine and then withdraw money by preparing a duplicate card. It is very easy to steal information from old magnetic strip cards because these cards are easily hacked.

What is EMV Chip Debit Card ?

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EMV Chip Debit Card   is a card based on new age and new technology, in which all your information is stored in a chip. The term EMV is made up of Europay, Mastercard & Visa . All your information is absolutely safe in this card. You can use this card on any atm or pos machine. If you go to get a new ATM, then the bank will give you this card.

If you are still using the old card, then soon replace it with EMV Chip Debit Card, some banks have also set the last date for changing the card. It is very difficult to hack an ATM with a chip, this increases the security of your money. 

Presently magnetic strip cards have been completely blocked, now this card will not work on any ATM, so you should also go to your bank as soon as possible and apply for a new emv chip card.