IOB ATM Block, How to Block IOB ATM Card, Block my IOB ATM Card by SMS

How to Disable Indian Overseas Bank ATM Card Online, Do you have an Indian Overseas Bank account? IOB is a significant bank in the Indian banking industry. It provides modern financial services and amenities to its customers in a variety of ways.


The IOB’s Toll-Free Number Is 1800 425 4445. Customers Can Call This Toll-Free Hotline 24 Hours A Day, Seven Days A Week, To Get Their Debit Card Banned Immediately. Only Your Registered Cellphone Number Should Be Used To Make The Call

Block my IOB ATM Card by SMS

The bank works hard to keep up with technological changes and to provide innovative services. You must have gotten an ATM/Debit Card from the bank for your account! IOB provides its account holders with ATM/Debit Cards.

IOB ATM Card Block by SMS

It is critical to keep the ATM card secure and the PIN confidential. What if you misplaced the ATM card or it was stolen? The time and effort spent looking for the misplaced card is wasted.

IOB ATM Block Toll-Free Number

You must immediately ban the card after learning of the theft. To avoid abuse and illegal access, you must immediately ban the card.

There are four methods for disabling an IOB ATM card online or offline.

  • Contact customer service and requesting that the card be blocked
  • Sending an email requesting that the missing card be blocked
  • Using an ATM Card to Access Online Banking

Visiting the branch and requesting that the card be blocked

1 Contact customer service.

  • From your registered cellphone number, dial 18004254445.
  • To ban the ATM card, follow the IVR instructions and dial the appropriate number.
  • The executive will request a few account and account holder data from you.
  • The boss may even enquire about the card number.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS on your cellphone number if you request that the card be banned, and the card will be blocked immediately.

Important Note: The number 18004254445 is a toll-free line, and you will not be charged to block the card.

2 Write an email requesting that the card be blocked.

  • You must send an email to from your registered email address.
  • In the email, you must provide the account holder’s information as well as the card number.
  • You will receive an email confirming the successful disabling of the ATM Card.

3 Disable the IOB ATM card via the Internet Banking service.

  • You can use the service if you have Internet Banking enabled on your account. Visit Indian Overseas Bank’s official online banking site.
  • To access your net banking account, enter your login credentials.
  • To manage the ATM Card, look for the IOB Cards option.
  • Then, choose IOB Debit Card and then Suspend Debit Card. Then choose it by clicking on it.
  • Finally, choose your account number for Debit card suspension and follow the procedures to block the ATM Card online.

The confirmation message will be sent to your cell phone.

4 Go to the branch

  • Visit the Indian Overseas Bank headquarters or a nearby branch.
  • Contact the executive and request that the damaged/lost ATM card be blocked.
  • You must include the account holder’s information as well as the card information.

You will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile device saying that the ATM card has been successfully blocked. No one will be able to use the ATM cum Debit Card for any purpose after it has been effectively stopped.

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