Check Status Rajasthan Ration Card? How to check Rajasthan Ration Card Status?

How to check Rajasthan Ration Card Status?, Friends, we all know that Ration Card is a very important document in our life. Ration card is the official document created by the Government of India which works to connect us with the government. The ration card is given through the PUBLIC Distribution System under the Department of Food and Supplier controlled by the state government. 

Check Status Rajasthan Ration Card

The Food and Logistics Department of the state mainly works for the supply and distribution of food grains, wheat, rice, kerosene, coal and other petroleum products etc. in the state under the guidelines of the Government of India. In this article, we will know  how to check Rajasthan Ration Card Status?

If you have applied for a new Ration Card or have applied for name change or any other modification in your Ration Card, then now you do not need to visit any government office. Because you can easily check Ration Card Status online sitting at home.

How to check Rajasthan Ration Card Status?

Step 1: Click on the link given below to check Ration Card Status.

 RationCard Application Status

  • You can see the page that will open after clicking on the link in the image below.
image 94

Step 2: You will be given two options first Ration Card No and second Form No so you can check Ration Card Status with the help of these two.

image 95

Step 3: If you have applied for a new ration card then you can use the form number and you can also use the ration card number for correction in the old ration card. For example, the status check by ration card number is shown in the image below.

image 96

Friends, we do this that with the help of this article, you can easily check your Rajasthan Ration Card Status.

  • Click on the link given below to download Rajasthan APL, BPL, AAY Ration Card Form.
⇒ How to download Rajasthan Ration Card Form?

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