Block BOI Bank Credit Card, How to Block BOI Credit Card

How to Block a Credit Card from Bank of India To prevent fraudulent transactions and monetary loss, the Bank of India credit card must be disabled when it is lost or stolen. To avoid the possibility of fraudulent and unauthorized transactions using the card, it is crucial to notify the bank of the loss or theft of the Bank of India Credit Card and ensure that the card is disabled.

How to Block BOI Credit Card

To get more help, the account holder must call the customer service representative on the registered mobile number. When a customer service representative requests it, the account holder must give their credit card information or account number.

How to Block a Credit Card from Bank of India Blocking the credit card is the first thing you should do if your Bank of India (BOI) credit card has accidentally been lost or misplaced to stop unauthorized use. You can block your card in several different ways. Below, we list these techniques.

Using the customer service number

If a suspect gets his hands on your credit card, they could use it fraudulently. Calling the Bank of India card hot listing number, available any day or night, is simple and practical. The credit card owner must give the customer care representative all the pertinent information about the credit card when asked. Dial the number for the host listed below:

All of the country’s network operators provide access to the numbers.

Using Internet banking

If you utilize the Bank of India’s online banking system, logging in and banning your card, you may have a much faster option. To block the card, take the following actions:

  1. Go to the BOI website, and choose Personal or Corporate Net Banking as your payment method.
  2. Enter your Login ID and password to access the account.
  3. Select “Requests” from the tabs.
  4. Select “Credit Card” from the list and then click.
  5. To ban your Bank of India credit card, click “Hotlist Credit Card” again.
  6. After choosing the credit card you want to ban, click “Submit”.
  7. After receiving a confirmation through SMS, you are finished.

Through the Android/iOS mobile app Card Shield

Card Shield is a cutting-edge tool for controlling and utilizing your credit card. You can ban your card in addition to having features like limit-setting for card use, transaction alerts, and more. Below are the steps:

  • Get the Star Token mobile app.
  • When you launch the app after installation, a redirect to the Bank of India net banking login page will appear.
  • Enter your Login ID and password to log in to your account.
  • In the top menu, select the ‘Requests’ tab.
  • From the options, choose ‘Credit Card’ at this time.
  • To ban your Bank of India credit card, click ‘Hotlist Credit Card’ further.
  • You must choose the credit card you wish to ban before clicking “Submit” to finish.

Mail a message

You can ban your credit card by emailing with the card information from your registered email address. Although compared to phone and net banking alternatives, this process may take longer.

By going to the Branch

Customers of the Bank of India can go to their nearby Bank of India branch. Users must notify the branch staff about the loss of the card for them to block it. Always utilize your Bank of India card hot listing and online banking first; only if you cannot do so is it a good idea to go to your local branch. Additionally, it is inconvenient since you can misplace your card on a holiday or during non-banking hours.

Avoid giving someone your PIN, card number, or other sensitive information. Your login information and passwords should always be current. When taking money from an ATM, watch for surrounding objects.