Block Canara Bank Credit Card, How to Block Canara Bank Credit Card

Block the credit card from Canara Bank. Customers who have misplaced or had their Canara Bank credit card stolen can quickly permanently or temporarily ban their credit card until they can find it. The customer may also apply for a new Credit Card from Canara Bank in case of a permanent ban. You may prevent any fraudulent activity from occurring with the Canara Bank credit card by blocking it.

Canara Credit Card Customer Care Number, You can contact Canara Bank customer care on the bank’s toll-free numbers at  1800 425 00181800 103 00181800 208 3333,or1800 3011 3333

Block your credit card with Canara Bank. Canara Bank Credit Card – How To Block & Apply for Replacement. Blocking the card is extremely important when you have lost or forgotten your credit card. This precaution aids in preventing you from losing a lot of money due to fraudulent activity on your account. You have five options from Canara Bank to ban your credit card quickly.

Several ways exist to disable your Canara Bank credit card:

You can block your Canara Bank credit card using one of the five methods below. Pick one from the following:


Internet banking is the quickest way to block your credit card. Utilize your username and password to enter your online banking account at the Canara website. Go to your account and ban your credit card there. Be sure to include a justification. Your device’s screen will show a notice confirming the successful blocking of your credit card.

App for mobile devices:

You must first download the Canara mobile banking app before you can proceed. Log in to your account next using your username and password for online banking. Choosing card-blocking services from the menu of the app. Select your credit card, block it, and state your justification. A pop-up message on your device’s display reads, “Credit card successfully blocked.”

Banking by phone:

Customers may also contact Canara Bank via phone banking with any questions or difficulties pertaining to their credit cards. If a credit cardholder loses their card, they can use the phone banking feature to get it blocked. Call 1800-425-0018, which is a toll-free number, to reach the bank. Follow the instructions on the IVR machine to ban your credit card.

Blocking SMS:

By texting “CAN (space) HOTLiSTCC (space) Card Number (16-digit number) Date of Birth (YYY/MM/DD)” to 9266623333, users can block their credit cards. After a successful card block, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile device.

Branch of Canara Bank

Customers can get their credit cards stopped by going to a bank facility. On the counter, there may be a card-blocking form that you can fill out. Once you submit the filled-out form, your credit card will be banned. You will get a confirmation message on the cellphone number you registered.

How do I get a New Credit Card from Canara Bank?

Customers of Canara Bank can get a replacement credit card by calling customer service. The replacement price for your card will be Rs 50. To request a new card, the cardholder calls the bank at 1800-425-0018. To replace your Canara Bank credit card, you must provide your credit card information, including the number, expiration date, and CVV.


What is the free customer support number for Canara Bank?

The toll-free customer support number for Canara Bank is 1800-425-0018.

Can I temporarily disable my Canara Bank credit card?

You may temporarily block your credit card by logging into your Netbanking account and choosing the “manage card” option.

Does it cost money to replace a card?

Canara Bank does charge Rs. 100 for a new card.