BOB ATM Card Block, How to Block Baroda Bank Debit Card

One of the largest and most reputable banks in India is Bank of Baroda. Bank of Baroda has a global presence in addition to its home country of India. You will get access to all banking services if you have a bank account with BOB. Also, they provide their clients with all banking services, including debit cards and online banking. One of the advantages provided by the bank to its clients is a debit card or ATM card. In this post on Bank With Us, you’ll learn how to ban a BOB ATM card.


The debit card or ATM card is without a doubt a fantastic feature. We can withdraw money from our bank account whenever we want using this card. We can take money out of our bank account whenever we choose, including on holidays and at midnight.

Bank of Baroda Bank Debit Card Block

But, your bank account’s funds are at risk if you lose your BOB ATM card. If you’ve forgotten or lost your card anywhere, you should immediately block BOB ATM card.

BOB ATM Card Block 2024

Your money could be misused if your BOB ATM card falls into the wrong hands, so be careful! Hence, your bank account will lose money.

Don’t Worry, Thinking why?

I mentioned above to not worry because in this article I will tell you how to block BOB ATM Card quickly. By the way, you can block your debit card by following two methods and both the methods are mentioned below.

How to Block BOB ATM Card? Blocking Your Debit Card

So now let us get started with this article and check out how to block BOB ATM Card. As I have already mentioned that there are two methods, you can follow whichever method you like.

How to Block BOB ATM Card By Calling Customer Care?

By dialling the bank’s customer service line, you can block your debit card in the quickest and easiest way possible. You may reach them at 1800 102 4455, which is a toll-free number.

  • Contact Bank of Baroda customer service by calling the above-mentioned toll-free number.
  • You can use the IVR options to block your card.
  • Have your call linked with their executive if you are unable to block it using the IVR, nonetheless.
  • Inform them that you need to block your ATM card since you’ve lost it someplace.
  • They will inquire about your bank account and ask you for your account number and other details.
  • Provide all the information requested, and they will promptly block it.

How to Block BOB ATM Card By Visiting Home Branch?

And the second method is by visiting your home branch.

  • Go to the Bank of Baroda branch closest to your home where you opened your bank account.
  • Inform the bank staff that you have lost your BOB ATM card and that you wish to have it blocked.
  • Your card will be immediately blocked.

Some branches may ask you to write an application letter to the branch manager requesting him to block the card when you visit your home branch to block your Bank of Baroda ATM Card.

By getting in touch with them, you can find out if they require a letter to be written. You might not be required to write a letter by the majority of Bank of Baroda branches. Therefore, we advise you to be ready to write a letter to your branch manager.

However, when visiting the branch, make sure to bring your bank passbook and one identification proof document (such as your Aadhar card or PAN card) with you. It is not advised to bring a copy of your identity proof documents.

Using SMS Banking

You can also block the Bank of Baroda card by sending an SMS. Send an SMS from your registered mobile number in the below format to block the Debit Card.

Type SMS ‘Block C XXXX’ and send to 9223172141

Type SMS ‘Block A XXXX’ and send to 9223172141

*XXXX will be the last 4 digits of your Bank of Baroda ATM cum Debit Card in case of ‘C’ and the last 4 digits of Bank Account Number in case of ‘A’.


  • Block C 7890 and send the SMS to 9223172141(with card last four digits)
  • Block A 1234 and send the SMS to 9223172141 (with bank account last four digits)