BOB Mini Statement Number, BOB Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, etc

BOB Mini Statement: How to Check Last 5 Transactions History Using Missed Call Number, Online, SMS, and More, Bank of Baroda Mini Statement: Missed Call Number, SMS Banking,

BOB Mini Statement Number

Baroda Bank Mini Statement: SMS Banking, Missed Call Number, It is vital for every individual to review their bank account statement monthly to forecast future spending. But, in some circumstances, it cannot be done by physically going to the bank’s branch.

Bank of Baroda Mini Statement 2023

Consequently, they prefer short statements with details regarding the latest ten transactions. As a result, you can view the most recent 10 transactions by accessing your Bank of Baroda mini statement here.

You can receive your statement by SMS and utilise it to schedule your upcoming expenses. Let’s examine each method for obtaining a Bank of Baroda mini statement.

What is a Mini Statement from Bank of Baroda?

The most recent transaction details and the condition of your bank account are detailed in a Bank of Baroda Mini Statement. It is accessible to all Baroda Bank account holders. You can examine the bank’s mini statement from the convenience of your home to keep track of the amount, transactions, etc. in your account.

How can I obtain my Bank of Baroda Mini Statement?

The Bank of Baroda provides its customers with a wide range of practical and user-friendly offerings through its digital banking services.

Mini statements can be retrieved via missed calls, SMS Banking, and mobile banking.

Use a missed call number to obtain a Bank of Baroda mini statement.

  1. Bank of Baroda clients can also access missed call services.
  2. Dial 8468001122 from your registered phone number if you’d want to hear about your most recent five transactions.
  3. It is free to utilise this service every day, all the time.
  4. Using this service, you can access your account information from any location.
BOB Mini Statement Number, BOB Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, etc

Get a Mini Statement from Bank of Baroda via SMS

The Bank of Baroda SMS Banking service provides simplicity and ease of use for informational services like mini statements. Existing bank customers who have already registered their mobile numbers can use the programme.

  1. Please send “MINI*space>Last 4-digit Account number” to 84222009988
  2. For example: if the account number is 17610400000811, type: MINI 0811.

With Net Banking, obtain a Bank of Baroda Mini Statement.

Baroda Bank You have quick online access to your MINI statement with Net Banking.

  • Just enter your Customer ID/User ID and Password to log in.
  • To check your most recent bank transactions, select My Account after successfully logging into your account.

Visit an ATM to obtain a Bank of Baroda mini statement.

  • You can also use an ATM nearby to acquire a Bank of Baroda mini statement.
  • You are not required to just use BOB ATMs.
  • If your PIN is four digits long, you can view a small statement at any bank’s ATM.

How to obtain a Bank of Baroda mini statement at an ATM:

  • Locate a nearby ATM location.
  • Once your ATM Debit Card is in the slot, you can select the language to be used.
  • You will be asked to select your banking choice and enter your ATM PIN.
  • Choose Mini Statement and Account Type (Current account or Savings account).
  • Your bank account’s mini-statement will be printed out by the device.

Use the Mobile Banking app to obtain a Bank of Baroda Mini Statement.

  • The Bank of Baroda app “M-Connect Plus” is an updated version of the present M-Connect app.
  • Customers can access a number of services using this new app, which has a beautiful and incredibly user-friendly UI.
  • You can link a variety of accounts to this app, including overdraft accounts with Bank of Baroda, cash credit accounts, PPFs, current accounts, and savings accounts.
  • You can download statements, check your account balance, transfer money between accounts, and send money to other people using this app.

How to download the Bank of Baroda app through the mobile banking app:

  • On your phone, you can download The “M-Connect Plus”.
  • Register with your registered cellphone number and OTP verification by using your Customer ID.
  • After successfully logging in, select “My Account” to access more options.
  • To view your most recent transactions, click “transactions”.

Bank of Baroda Mini Statement Number 

  • Calling from your registered mobile number to the number 8468001122 will provide you access to the Bank of Baroda mini statement.
  • Your last five transactions’ information will be sent to you through SMS by the bank.

How may a mobile number be registered for a Bank of Baroda Mini Statement?

  • There are numerous ways to access Bank of Baroda Mini Statement Services, including Internet Banking, SMS, missed calls, etc.
  • Before to using the service, you must first register your cellphone number with the Bank.
  • You must submit an application at the Bank of Baroda branch in order to register your cellphone number.
  • Users can also change their own mobile number by using an ATM or an SMS.
  • If you want to register your mobile number using SMS, you must send an SMS with the number.
  • After registered, a notification will be sent to the mobile number.

Advantages of a Mini Statement from Bank of Baroda

  • Your bank account information is now simple to access online.
  • You may use it from anywhere thanks to your smartphone.
  • You may manage your credit and debit cards from home.
  • In a number of ways, it makes money transfers easier.


  1. The methods mentioned above can be used to get a Bank of Baroda mini statement on your mobile device.
  2. Checking Bank of Baroda balances can be done using any of these free options.
  3. You can get a Bank of Baroda mini statement by any means.
  4. Hence, once you start keeping track of your prior transactions, it will be simpler for you to make wise financial decisions.

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