Canara Bank Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, How to Update Mobile Number in Canara Bank

How to change mobile number in Canara bank? Canara Bank provides online services to its clients for convenient access to different financial operations. Online cellphone number changes are one of these services. If you wish to update your cellphone number with the bank after changing it, you may do so online. This post will walk you through the process of changing your mobile number online with Canara Bank.

Canara Bank Mobile Number Change Online & Offline,

Things required to change mobile number in Canara bank –

  • ATM PIN and ATM card
  • User ID and password for Online banking
  • Your new mobile number that you wish to register should be with your old mobile number.
  • SMS should be able to be received by both old and new mobile numbers.

Methods to change mobile number in Canara bank

  1. From the nearest ATM of Canara bank
  2. Via Bank Branch (Offline)
  3. Through SMS
  • We will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – How to change Mobile number in Canara bank via ATM?

  • Go to the Canara Bank ATM that is the closest to you.
  • Enter the PIN after inserting your ATM card.
  • Choose Register from the options at this point.
  • Then choose the option for mobile number registration.
  • Choose the Change Mobile number option on the new screen.
  • Now, choose Confirm after entering your new cellphone number on the keyboard.
  • To confirm, type in the new cellphone number once again.
  • A Reference Number will now appear on the screen. Keep this reference number handy.
  • You will also receive an OTP on your previous cellphone number.
  • With the new mobile number, Enter ACTIVATE [space] OTP [space] REFERENCE NUMBER and send it to 5676767.
  • Your bank account will be linked to your new mobile number.

Method 2: By completing the form, how can I change my mobile number in Canara Bank?

Only individuals without their previous registered cellphone number should use this strategy. You can fill out the Canara Bank mobile number change form to register your new cellphone number.

  • Visit the assistance desk at your local Canara Bank location.
  • Get a form for changing your Canara Bank cellphone number, then complete it.
  • Fill out the form completely, including the account number, new mobile number, the reason you want to change your mobile number, etc.
  • Fill out the form completely, then sign it and attach a copy of your identification.
  • Send the form to the assistance desk.
  • Within two working days of the bank official verifying your information, your new mobile number will be registered.

Method 3 – How to update your Canara Bank mobile number by SMS?

With Canara Bank, you may change your cellphone number by SMS. But to obtain the reference number, you must go to the ATM.

  • Get the reference number and the OTP at the ATM and send them to your previous cellphone number.
  • Send the text ACTIVATE [space] OTP [space] REFERENCE NUMBER to 5676767 from the new mobile number.
  • The account number will be connected to your new mobile phone number.

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