Captcha Code, What is Captcha Code

What is captcha code? Captcha code Information about CAPTCHA Code In this post you will know what is Captcha Code. What is its full form and where and why is it used?

Captcha Code

If you use internet then you must have solved captcha code at some time or the other. To sign in or to create a new account in any site, you have to understand some crooked alphabets and numbers given on the screen and write them in a box only after that you can log in to the same site. This is done for security so that it can be known whether the person visiting the site is a human or a robot.

What is CAPTCHA Code?

CAPTCHA full form of – Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart

Captcha Code is such an online test which is used for the identification of computer (robot) and humans. The CAPTCHA code was first used by Yahoo in the year 2000. The purpose of creating this code was to prevent scams on websites. The use of captcha has proved to be very effective by hackers to prevent spam comments and other wrong activities on any site.

  • Captcha is such a code of text or images that only a human can solve. It cannot be solved by a robot.

How many types of CAPTCHA code are there –

  • Captcha codes are mainly of text, image, math solving and audio types.

How to solve Captcha Code – 

It is very easy to solve Captcha Code.

  • Text CAPTCHA – In this type of captcha code, you see alphabets and numbers diagonally in a box, which you have to identify and fill in the box below. In this you also have to recognize capital letter and small letter.
  • Image CAPTCHA – In this type of captcha, an image appears in front of you. You have to select the things mentioned in this image. For example, by showing the image of a road, you will be asked to select in which box the car is visible. Your code will be solved after selecting the correct image.
  • Math Solving CAPTCHA – In this type of captcha, you are asked to solve general maths questions like addition, multiplication, division and division which even a child can solve. For example – 4+2+6 = ?

Where is Captcha Code used?

The use of Captcha Code is mostly asked to solve while signing in to any website, as well as to comment on the blog or website, captcha code has to be solved so that spam on the site can be stopped.

  • So friends, this was the information about CAPTCHA CODE, hope you would have liked the information.