Login, How to Login Sign-in information,’s Chemistry is an online dating site for singles. But this site’s goal is a little bit different and a little bit unique compared to that of its sister site, so it is aimed at a different group of people: those who are looking for long-term relationships instead of one-night stands. The site stands out from other sites in the same field because it has a “world-famous personality matching test” that uses a complex formula created by Dr. Helen Fisher. Login

After each site member answers a number of questions, Dr. Helen Fisher’s matching program finds the best possible matches for each person. For example, after taking the personality type test, you’ll get thorough information and insights about yourself that you probably didn’t even know, as well as about your prospective dating partners.

You’ll also get messages every day with custom matches until you find someone who loves you and stays with you forever. To reach their goal, the site uses its own patented feedback system, which looks at your actions and gives you personalized advice to help you succeed in love. As you probably already know, if you can succeed in love, you’ll probably be able to succeed in life as well.

To make a Chemistry account, go to, fill out the registration form in a blue bubble on the left side of your screen, click the orange button at the bottom that says “Find Chemistry Now,” and then follow the instructions to start looking for potential love partners right away.

How to Sign In to Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to Chemistry’s login page at
  2. In the first box of the entry form on the left side of your screen, enter your email address or user name.
  3. In the second field box, type in your user password.
  4. Now, just click the green button that says “Sign In” at the bottom of the entry form, and you’re in.

How to Get Your Password Back

If you forget or lose your password, go back to the site’s login page and follow the steps I already gave. Click the “Forgot Your Password?” link right below the “password” box.

  • Enter the email address you used when you first joined, and then click the green button that says “Continue.”


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