Delete Bigo, How To Delete Bigo Account?

To delete a Bigo Account, click here. Bigo Live streams live broadcasts on the web and mobile devices. Watch unlimited live broadcasts for free.

Delete Bigo Account

Create a Bigo Live account to use the premium service. You may register your cellphone number or email address to establish a free Bigo Live account and watch live feeds. Logging in will be anonymous if you don’t disclose any information during registration.

Its international servers make broadcasts visible worldwide, which is its primary benefit. It supports desktops and mobile devices, another perk.

Bigo Account Deletion—What Does It Mean?

You may choose to remove your Bigo account after a while. You may wish to do this if you’ve lost your password, stopped using Bigo, or changed your mind.

What happens when you delete Bigo Live? You may permanently remove a Bigo Live account from their database, which deletes all of its data, including broadcasting history and user data like phone numbers and email addresses.

Delete Bigo Account?

  • Deleting your Bigo Live account is easy. Follow this step-by-step guide:
  • Launch the app on your mobile device.
  • Access your Account settings page.
  • Click the Help and Feedback tab.
  • See the hyperlinked text for “How to Delete BIGO Live.” Click it.
  • Enter your password for verification in Bigo Live.

Doing so should completely erase your account. If you wish to use Bigo Live again, you must establish a new history because it cannot recover deleted ones.


Bigo Live account deletion is easy with a few clicks. If you stop using the app, you can cancel your account. Following the instructions above will erase your Bigo Live account. Live chat support is available for queries and assistance.

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