Delete Section Break in Word, How To Delete Section Break in Word

Remove a Page Break in Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is the company’s flagship commercial processor. The Microsoft Office package includes Microsoft Word, but you may also buy Word on its own. Since its initial release in 1983, Microsoft Word has seen several revisions and updates. It works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. There are several standard abbreviations for Microsoft Word.

How To Delete Section Break in Word

Word, short for Microsoft Word, is the most widely used word processor. A new batch has come out every year since its 1983 debut. Users may get Word as part of Microsoft Office or as a standalone product. Since its inception in 1983, Microsoft Word has seen several iterations of feature expansion. Microsoft Word is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The name “Word” or “MS Word” describes it well.

As Microsoft Windows gained popularity, so did Word. The programme was successful because it could compete with or outperform the industry standard WordPerfect application and let users use the GUI’s enhanced capabilities for on-screen text formatting and presentation.

Except for a few niche markets, such as legal word processing, Word gradually came to dominate the industry. Popular features in Microsoft Word include user-customizable style sheets and templates, macros, and a wide range of automated capabilities like automatic table of contents and index generation, revision tracking for collaboratively edited documents, and real-time spelling and grammar checking, to name just a few. WordPerfect is an electronic word processor.

Microsoft Word provides many options for removing unwanted section breaks. Displaying paragraph markers or symbols is required before erasing section splits. Because erasing section breaks can be tricky, you might need to switch views to select and delete them. Be careful when removing section breaks; doing so might alter the document’s margins, headers, footers, and page orientation to something undesirable.


  • Kick off your Word document.
  • It would be best if you started at the Home tab.
  • Display/Hide Markings on Graphs, Tabs, Space, and Manual Page Breaks
  • To review, go to the Review menu.
  • For starters, go to Track Changes.
  • Choose the drop-down menu and click on Track Changes.
  • Select Show/Hide from the Paragraph group under the Home menu if required.
  • To choose the pause, double-click it or drag it to the break.
  • Use the backspace or delete keys to undo the pause.


  • Kick off your Word document.
  • Choose the “Home” menu item.
  • To reveal or conceal a paragraph, select the corresponding toggle button.
  • Select the desired section break, then hit delete.
  • Method: Delete what you don’t want.

Create documents in various file types with the help of Microsoft Word, a word processor. You can create letters, projects, and even basic logos using Microsoft Word because it is a word processor. Microsoft Word is a Microsoft Office suite component, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word Pad, Outlook, Publisher, and many more. The most popular word processor is Microsoft Word, available for Macs and PCs.