EPF Balance Check On Mobile Phone?

We update our government knowledge site with fresh government information, and now we have another essential piece of information to share with you. Most of us have an EPF account and work for one or more companies. In such a scenario, both the corporation and we both save a certain amount of money each month for our PF accounts. But how can we find out how much money is in our EPF account? Let us explain the simplest method for checking your EPF balance. This post will teach you how to check your EPF balance on a mobile device.

Check EPF Balance On Mobile Phone

We can also do  epf balance Enquiry online but for that we will need two things which are as follows. 

  • UAN Number
  • Password

Without these two you  cannot check your epf balance. But there is no need for anything in the method we are going to tell, you can easily see your EPF balance, read below to know. 

EPF Balance Check On Mobile – EPF Balance Check On Mobile:

To check  your  EPF balance, all you need to do is call this number 01122901406  from your registered mobile number. Which will automatically be cut off only after two rings and all the information related to your EPF account will come on your registered mobile number. 

>> Call on  this number 01122901406 to check EPF balance  .

When you call the above number from your registered mobile number it will get disconnected after 2 rings. This service is completely free. And then a message will come on your mobile number, which will have all the information which is as follows.

  • UAN Number
  • NAME
  • DOB
image 39

Some important points:

To get this service on your mobile number, you have to keep two things in mind which are as follows. 

  • Your mobile number should be linked with your UAN. 
  • Any one of the following KYC should be updated in your UAN.
    • Bank A/c Number.
    • Aadhaar 
    • PAN 

If all these things are your updated then you  can easily check your epf balance with the help of your mobile number. We hope that you have liked this article. Stay connected with us for more such information and follow our blog.