Change Address In CBI Account, How to Change Address in Central Bank Of India

How to Update Your Address with the Indian Central Bank, Change of Address at the Indian Central Bank Savings accounts let you keep your money in a secure location while earning interest on it each month. Anytime one wishes, he or she can add money to or take money out of this account. It may be accessed by anybody.

CBI Bank Address Changing,

It is always a good habit for all customers to verify the address specified in your passbook and maintain it up to date in your bank accounts since the address shown on your bank passbook or account statement acts as evidence of address. This will help you prevent any issues and communication gaps. If you already have a savings bank account with Central Bank of India, you might need to update your address at some point. If so, you will need to alter it in your account.

How to Change Address in Savings Account in Central Bank Of India. You need to visit the home branch of your account along with your your Proof of new address. In order to change address your bank account, the first step is to fill up Change of Address Form. This is also known as ‘KYC Details Change Form’.

Why Would You Change Your Bank Account’s Address?

You must update your address to ensure that:

  1. • You get all crucial communications the bank sends to your address.
  2. • A bank statement or passbook including the address is acceptable as proof of residence.
  3. • Only this address will be used by banks to mail debit cards, PINs, chequebooks, and account statements.

Causes behind the Central Bank of India’s Address Change

In any of the following circumstances, you might wish to modify or update your address in your account:

  • • Your mailing address has been updated.
  • • Your bank account still shows your old address.
  • • The address shown on your account is uncompleted or inaccurate.
  • • Your address does not at all reflect in your bank account.
  • • Your address is showing up in lieu of someone else’s address; you may have moved to a different area.
  • • Another factor

You might be interested in learning how to alter the address on your savings account with the Central Bank of India. You only need to follow a few simple steps to update your address in your account, which is quite simple.

How to Modify Your Address on Your Savings Account at the Indian Central Bank

The procedures to follow are listed below if you have a savings account with Central Bank of India and are interested in learning how to alter your account’s address:

(1) Go to your savings account’s home branch of the bank.

You must go to the account’s home branch with your proof of the new address.

(2) Complete the Central Bank of India’s KYC Information Change Form for Address Change.

Filling out a Change of Address Form is the initial step in changing your bank account’s address. The “KYC Details Change Form” is another name for this. Most banks have their standard form for changing KYC details.

You may obtain the Change of Address (KYC Information Change) Form from your Local branch or download it from the bank’s website. Fill it out completely. Following that, you must get it signed and turned in to the branch manager or officer in charge. Please be aware that everyone who holds a joint account with you must sign the account change of address form.

With this form, you must also include your previous address in addition to the present one. Remember to provide your phone number in this form.

(3) Verify the information on the Change of Address Form by crossing it out.

You must double-check the information you entered on the address change form before submitting it. You must verify that you have correctly filled out the following fields:

  • Bank Account Number
  • Name of Account Holder/s
  • Type of Account
  • Old Address
  • New Address (As per proof attached)
  • Contact Number

This information must be verified in order for your bank to be able to modify or update your address without any issues.

(4) Join the Change of Address Form with the Proof of New Address.

A copy of the evidence of the new address must be included to the Change of Address form by each account holder. Only the First Account Holder may provide a new address proof. A self-attestation request could also be sent to the account holders.

The banker checks the documentation you’ve supplied, and if everything checks out, he or she will approve your application. Your banker will handle the request after properly verifying the credentials.
To check that the address change has taken effect after that period, you may ask your banker how long it will take to update your address in your bank account.

(5) Verify your account’s address has been updated.

You must verify that the address has changed on your account by calling or going to your branch.

(6) Update your bank’s Passbook with your new address.

Once your address has been updated in your bank account, your new address should be printed in your bank’s Passbook.

If you take the aforementioned actions, you will be able to easily modify the address on your bank account.

Documents Used as a Proof of Address

  • Passport
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Telephone bill(latest)
  • Bank account statement
  • Letter from any recognized public authority
  • Electricity bill (latest)
  • Ration Card
  • Letter from employer (subject to satisfaction of the bank)
  • Other Bank pass books
  • Self declaration by High Court & Supreme Court Judges giving the new address in respect of their own accounts
  • Identity card/ Document with applicant’s photo, issued by:
    1. Central / State
    2. Statutory/ Regulatory authorities
    3. Public Sector undertakings
    4. Scheduled Commercial Bank
    5. Colleges affiliated to Universities (this can be treated as valid only till the time the applicant is a student)
    6. Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI & Bar Council etc to their members

Important Information on Address Changes for Savings Accounts with the Central Bank of India

  • You must go to the bank branch where you opened your account to alter your address on your savings account.
  • Remember to bring the original paperwork so that the bank can verify them.
  • The address on the Change of Address Form must match the address on the provided evidence exactly.
  • The Change of Address Form needs to be signed by each and every account holder.
  • Even if it hasn’t changed, don’t forget to provide your contact information, such your mobile number.
  • Don’t forget to verify that your account is affected by the address change.
  • Print or update your bank passbook with your new address.
  • Get a bank acknowledgment of your request for an address change.

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