Manipur Employee Pay Slip 2024, CMIS Manipur Payroll Employee Salary Slip 2024 at

Through the online portal, CMIS Manipur, a branch of IFMS Manipur, has started paying out employee wage bills and salary slips for the upcoming fiscal year 2024. The Manipur State Government has established an online IFMS site where employees may conveniently verify their wage information as part of its effort to provide efficient services. Pensioners may also use the portal to check their CMIS Payroll, so nothing has changed. Employees and pensioners in Manipur will be happy to hear they may now monitor their payment histories from any location.

CMIS Manipur Employee Pay Slip

Pay Slip NameManipur Employee Salary Slip 2024
SubjectDAT Manipur is providing a facility to
all government employees to
download Online Employee Pay Slips on {online}
CategoryThe last date to get Slips
StateManipur State
ProviderDAT Manipur
DepartmentFinance and Accounts Department of Manipur
An Employee gets the payslips from the official website by any timeAn Employee gets the payslips from the official website at any time
Online Salary Slip Download Weblink

So that workers can benefit from what the Manipur Treasury payslip offers. Because it acts as the login, they must have their employee code. View your MIS Manipur Payroll Employee Salary here to obtain a copy. Checking your Manipur employee pay Slip can be simple if you have your login information. You must follow these easy instructions to download your Manipur IFMS Salary Pay Slip from the Payroll System.

Download an employee’s salary pay slip from CMIS Manipur Payroll.

  • The new Manipur Payroll System is the first place you need to go. Entering the URL in any web browser will do the trick.
  • Click the ‘CMIS’ link to access the Treasury and Accounts Department CMIS Payroll Employee Salary Bill site (
  • At this point, accurately input your Employee Code User ID and Password, then press the “Login” button.
  • Your Employee Code is now visible in the top left corner of your account. Click the “Salary Bill” link located just below this.
  • Choose the Month and Year you wish to download your Manipur employee wage certificate.
  • Examine the salary slip, then, if you are pleased with everything, click the “Download” button. Print the page.

The day when Manipur state employees faced obstacles to obtaining a copy of their pay Slips is long behind. You may do all tasks using CMIS Login, regardless of your department within the Manipur state government.

The good news is that you will soon be able to receive not just your monthly pay Slip but also your CMIS Manipur yearly report. To accomplish this, choose this option on the employee payroll login page. Only then would you have a higher chance of remembering your IFMS Manipur employee salary information.