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You can apply for loan online under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana SBI. And in this article today we are going to know that how we can apply Mudra Bank Loan Apply Online SBI – Mudra Bank Loan Apply Online and take advantage of this scheme. Keep reading further to know this.

Mudra Bank Loan

If this question is coming in your mind that How to Apply Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana in SBI, then let us give you the answer to this question in this article.

How to apply Mudra Bank Loan online?

To apply Mudra Bank loan online, you need to follow a few steps. Which are given below.

Step 1 : To apply for Mudra loan online in State Bank of India, first of all you have to visit its official website. To go to the official website of SBI , click on the link given in SBI Mudra Loan Online Apply . , 

Step 2: After going to the official website, you  have to click on the Loan Products option.

image 40

Step 3: Here you have to fill 3 options and then click on submit.

  1. You will see many options in the category, out of which you have to select one which is as follows.
    1. All Products
    2. Manufacturing
    3. Trade
    4. Services/Self Employed/Professional
  2. In the Facility, you will see three following options, out of which one has to be selected.
    1. Term Loan
    2. Working Capital Loan
    3. Both Term and Working Capital Loan
  3. In Loan Amount, you have to select the first option because you are applying for Mudra loan which is maximum of Rs 10 lakh.
    1. Upto 1 Crore
    2. Above 1 Crore
image 41

After that, you can apply for a loan online according to the options that will be shown or you can apply directly by clicking on the Mudra loan apply online option given below. As you can see in the image below.

image 42

Step 4: After clicking on Online Loan Request, the form will open in a separate window, which you will have to fill and submit.

image 43

In this way, by following the steps given above, you can very easily apply for Mudra loan for your business in your nearest State Bank of India and can make progress in your business by taking advantage of Mudra loan scheme. 

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