Central Bank of India Mini Statement Number, CBI Mini Statement Number by Missed Call, SMS

Check balance at Central Bank of India, Account holders can contact the Central Bank of India’s missed call line at to check their account balance.

Central Bank of India Mini Statement Number 9555244442

Customers can verify their account information by making a missed call to a specified number through the Central Bank of India’s missed call banking service. The latest three transactions’ information can also be obtained using this function. It is a free service.

CBI Mini Statement Number by Missed Call, SMS

Customers can obtain their account balance and account statement by dialling certain numbers on a missed call list. This service does certainly save time.

Typically, customers must visit their local ATM or home bank branch, which takes time, to view their account balance or mini-statement.

On the other hand, clients may use this service to check their balance from the comfort of their own homes.

CBI Mini Statement Number by Missed Call, SMS

As previously stated, you must call 955524442 from your registered cell number to check your Central Bank of India balance. Calls to the aforementioned number will be automatically terminated. Your account balance will then be sent to your registered cellphone number via SMS.

Features and benefits of missed call facility:

  • Central Bank of India balance check by missed call
  • Get mini statement through SMS
  • This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • It’s a free-of-cost service.

How register for Central Bank of India balance enquiry service?

You may access the bank’s missed call service to view your account balance and a brief summary. Customers who have registered their cellphone number with their home bank branch, however, are eligible for this service.

Before calling the Central Bank of India balance check toll-free number, visit your local bank office and link your cell phone to your bank account if you haven’t already done so. Then you may go forward.

Central Bank of India Mini Statement

Checking your mini statement is also possible via the bank’s missed call feature. To accomplish it, simply leave a missed call at –


To get an SMS with your account statement, make sure you call this number from your registered mobile device. Via this feature, you may view the details of the latest three transactions.

Dial the Central Bank micro statement number 955514441 to obtain information on the previous three inbound and outbound transactions without incurring any fees.

Other ways of Central Bank of India balance check

Check Balance through NUUP

A USSD-based mobile banking service called the National Unified Unstructured Supplementary Services Data Platform allows users to conduct both financial and non-financial activities. Internet access is not necessary for this service. Users can use a typical mobile phone to access this service. You may carry out the following banking operations using this service:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Fund Transfer
  • MMID Generation

Furthermore, the service is free. You may use it to check the balance of the Central Bank of India. Dial *99# from your registered mobile number and choose the “Account Balance” option to access this service and check your account balance. Please take note that you must finish the one-time registration process after calling this number.

SMS Banking

Clients of the Central Bank of India can use the SMS banking service to check their account balance, view information of the previous five transactions, find out the status of their checks, and more. The service, which is based on SMS alerts, notifies you by SMS anytime something occurs on your account.

You must submit an application at your local bank branch along with your account number and cellphone number to enable SMS banking service. After five business days of submitting the application, you will get a 4-digit PIN. After that, you can use SMS banking’s services.

After successful activation, for Central Bank of India balance check send following SMS from your registered mobile number to 9967533228.

BALAVL-space-A/C Number-space-MPIN example ‘BALAVL 11XXXXXXXX 1234’ and send it to 9967533228.

Central Bank of India SMS banking keywords:

Balance EnquiryBALAVL space A/C Number space MPIN
Mini StatementLATRAN space MPIN
Change MPINCHGPIN space New PIN space Old PIN
HELP related to serviceHELP space MPIN
To generate MMIDMMID
To send moneyIMPS space Beneficiary M.No.Number spaceBeneficiary MMID space Amount space MPIN

Internet Banking

For balance inquiries, mini statements, cash transfers, checking the status of your checks, and other things, you may utilise the bank’s internet banking service. Because they can do practically all financial operations using such technologies, banks encourage their consumers to use digital banking services.

Online banking is a useful and time-saving service, and we also suggest using it. You should read “Is online banking safe?” for more information on the advantages of online banking.

If you already use online banking, you may check the balance of your Central Bank of India account by logging into your online account.

Mobile Banking

Checking the balance of the Central Bank of India may also be done using mobile banking. Using this service, you may check your account balance as well as your account statement, transfer funds, apply for a chequebook, get a new ATM card, block an ATM, and halt cheque payments.

Central Bank of India customer care number

Customers of the bank can use toll free customer care number of Central Bank of India –


You can dial Central Bank of India customer care number 1800221911 for balance enquiry. After dialing the number, follow the IVR instructions and talk to bank customer care representative to get your account details.


Account holders can also visit nearest ATM to check account details. Follow these steps on an ATM:

  • Swipe your ATM card
  • Choose balance equiry option
  • Select account type
  • Enter your ATM PIN
  • Next on ATM screen your account balance will be displayed.

If you’re facing difficulty to use above services then you can visit nearest ATM or bank branch to check your account details.

That’s it. You can use any of the above ways to check your account balance.

Frequently asked questions

How can I know my balance in Central Bank of India by Miss call?

For CBI balance inquiries by missed call, dial 9555244442. After calling this toll-free number, you will receive an SMS with your account balance for the Central Bank of India.

How can I check my central bank balance through SMS?

Account holders who utilise the bank’s SMS banking service can check their account balance by texting the following message to the number 9967533228:

BALAVL <A/C Number> <MPIN>

How can I check my mini statement in Central Bank of India?

Consumers may see their Central Bank of India micro statement by sending a missed call to 9555144441. The usage of this service is completely free and is permitted both during the day and at night.

How can I start mobile banking in CBI?

Just download the Central Bank of India Cent Mobile Banking app from the app store on your phone, then finish the registration procedure. There is no need to visit your bank office in order to register for the Cent Mobile app. Cent Mobile app registration video. for a walkthrough.