PSB Mini Statement, Get PSB Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook

Punjab and Sind Bank is a part of the Indian government. Learn how to check their balance. It has roughly 2,000 locations across India. The bank provides a number of services, such as internet and phone banking, to make the client experience enjoyable. In 2012, the bank launched the Hindi, English, and Punjabi-language Interactive Voice Response Service (IVRS) Punjab & Sind Bank Balance Check.

PSB Mini Statement

Punjab And Sind Bank Balance Check, Punjab and Sind Bank Toll Free Number Punjab and Sind Bank Mini Statement Punjab National Bank Mini Statement Punjab and Sind Bank Mobile Number Registration Punjab and Sind Bank mobile number registration Customers may use this service to execute account-related tasks including checking their Punjab and Sind Bank balance, blocking a debit card through SMS, and freezing an account.

PSB Mini Statement Number

Give the Punjab and Sind Bank balance check numbers a missed call to check your bank account’s balance:

PSB मिस्ड कॉल द्वारा मिनी स्टेटमेंट 2024


You will soon get an SMS on the provided cellphone number with your account amount. Please make sure that your mobile phone is connected to your bank account if you do not receive SMS notifications about your account balance.

How can I sign up for the missed call service?

Customers must register their cellphone number with the bank in order to use the bank’s missed call service. You don’t have to register to use the MSB service.

Missed call functionality is only available for registered mobile numbers in Punjab and Sindh. Please make sure that the bank records include your most recent cellphone number.

You may find out your account balance by placing a missed call to Punjab and Sind Bank Mini Statement 7039035156 if your mobile number is connected to your bank account.

A few advantages of the Punjab and Sind Bank Balance Enquiry Service:

  • Without going to your bank branch, you may check your balance with Punjab and Sind Bank.
  • This service is provided without charge.
  • Your account balance is always accessible from anywhere.
  • If you have numerous accounts with Punjab and Sind Bank, you will receive an SMS with the details of each account’s balance.
  • You may check your PSB balance without speaking to a customer service representative.
  • Just make a missed call to 7039035156 to check the balance of your Punjab and Sind Bank account.

What more ways are there to check the balance at Punjab and Sind Bank?

SMS Balance Enquiry

  • Users of PSB online banking can send an SMS from their registered cellphone number to request a Punjab and Sind Bank balance enquiry.
  • Send an SMS in the manner shown below to 9773056161 or 8082656161 to get your account balance using SMS banking:

Account number for PBAL

  • Using your registered telephone number, send the following SMS to access your Punjab and Sind Bank mini statement:

Account number: PTXN(space)

  • To learn how to activate the bank’s SMS banking service, go to this website.

Web-based banking

A full banking solution, including balance inquiry for Punjab and Sind Bank, is provided through internet banking.

Clients may transfer money, order chequebooks, cancel check payments, purchase insurance, pay bills, pay credit card bills, download account statements, and other things with this service.

You don’t have to go to your bank location in order to sign up for the service. Visit the bank’s official online banking page to obtain it.


Bank of Punjab and Sind You may check your Punjab and Sind Bank balance, send money, read a mini-statement of your account, and make payments using the BHIM App, a Unified Payments Interface app. You may perform banking using the BHIM PSB app without inputting your online banking credentials by using the app to generate your Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

mPay PSB

Account holders can access the bank’s digital banking services by using the PSB mPay mobile banking app. Both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store offer the application. Install the application, then sign up for Mobile Banking.

After signing up for the PSB mPay app, go to the Account Details area on the app’s home page to view your Punjab and Sind Bank balance.

Bank Statement

Clients can update their bank passbooks by going to the nearby passbook printing machine. You’ll be able to check your account’s balance after upgrading your passbook. Account holders can also go to their local PSB Bank location to get information about their accounts.

USSD Banking

Users may access their account information by dialling the *99# USSD mobile banking number from their registered mobile number. For the Punjab and Sind Bank account balance, phone *99# and then choose the ‘Account Balance’ option.

A lot of people have questions

How can I check my account balance at Punjab and Sind Bank?

  • Account holders who want to discover the amount of their accounts can phone the bank’s toll-free missed call banking line at 7039035156.

How can I start using internet banking?

  • Either the official net banking website or a PSB branch can be used to activate internet banking service.

How can I check my mini statement from Punjab and Sind Bank?

  • Consumers can access information about the previous five transactions by dialling *99# from their registered cellphone number.
  • Moreover, clients may text “PTXN(space)account number” to 9773056161 and 8082656161 to receive the Punjab and Sind Bank mini statement.