Voter Card Apply, How To Apply Voter Card Online?

How To Apply For A Voter Card Online and Where To Apply For A Voter Card Online. How do I go about registering to vote online? As a citizen of India, you have an inalienable right to vote in elections. To be eligible to vote, a person must be at least 18 years old and have submitted an application for a voter identification card. You have the option of submitting your application for a voter ID card either in person or online.

  • We are now accepting new applications for voter identification cards. Earlier, you could find it on the NVSP site, but now you’ll find all of the available choices on the ECI site.
  • Anyone may now submit an application for a new voter card, and there is no fee associated with doing so. It is also possible to submit the application online using a mobile device.
  • If the concerned BLO gives the Election Commission the green light, they will print the card for the voter once they have registered to vote. You also have the opportunity to download an electronic voter identification card.
  • Applying via your mobile device does not require the completion of an application form. It is sufficient to apply for a fresh application with just your photo and Aadhaar card.

Application for a New Voter Card,

  • Step 1: First, go to the official website by clicking on the link provided below.
  • Step 2: If you already have an account on the NVSP or ECI websites, click Login or Sign-Up. Even if you don’t know if you have an account, click Sign Up.
  • Step 3: In the Mobile Number box, enter your phone number. It makes no difference what number you use. Enter the Captcha code and press the Continue button.
  • Step 4: Fill up your information in the fields First Name, Last Name, Password, Confirm Password, and New Password. Enter 1, 2, 3.. A, B, C.. @, #,… to be one of all in Password. Take notice of this. Select Request OTP.
  • Step 5: You will receive a 6-digit OTP on the cellphone number you supplied previously. Enter the number here. Click the Verify & Submit button.
  • Step 6: It will say “You Have Signed Up Successfully.” Please Login Using Your New Credentials.” It indicates that you have registered on the ECI website. Click the Login button.
  • Step 7: Enter your mobile number at Registered Mobile No., your password at Password, Captcha, and click Request OTP.
  • Step 8: A six-digit OTP will be issued to the cellphone number you gave previously. Enter the number here. Click on the Verify & Login button.
  • Step 9: On the Home page, click Fill Form 6 to apply for a new voter card.

The data should be filled out in a total of 12 sections. They are

  1. Select State, District & AC
  2. Personal Details
  3. Relatives Details
  4. Contact Details
  5. Aadhaar Details
  6. Gender
  7. Date of Birth details
  8. Present Address Details
  9. Disability Details
  10. Family member Details
  11. Declaration
  12. Captcha

After filling out the above data, the final submission should be done.

Step 10 : The first one is State, District & Assembly Constituency / Parliamentary Constituency section

  • In the state
  • District
  • Constituency

Details to be given. Click on Next.

Step 11 : In Personal Details

  • First Name
  • Family Name
  • Passport-size Photograph

Should be uploaded. The photo should not exceed 2MB in JPG / JPEG format. Then click on Next.

Step 12 : Relatives Details

In relation to Father / Mother / Husband / Wife / Guardians / Hijras

  • The Name
  • Family Name

Enter the details and click on Next.

Enter your own mobile number or the mobile number of the recipient in the space provided. Send an OTP, then enter and verify the OTP. Be extremely cautious with the mobile number, as the same mobile number will be used for obtaining the card and other purposes in the future.

Enter E-mail ID details, if any. Otherwise, there is no need. Then click on Next.

Step 14 : Enter Aadhaar Details

Aadhaar Number

Enter and click on ↓Next.

Step 15 : In Gender


  • Male
  • Female
  • Third Gender

Select one and click on Next.

Step 16 : Date of Birth details ల

  • Date Of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

Enter and upload the certificate in JPG/JPEG/PDF format within 2MB.

Uploading any one of the below mentioned DOB documents is sufficient

  • Birth Certificate issued by Competent Local Body/Municipal Authority/Registrar of Births & Deaths
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • Certificates of Class X or Class XII issued by CBSE/ICSE/ State Education Boards, if it contain Date of Birth
  • Indian Passport

The candidate must self-attest to the document, i.e. put their signature / stamp on the xerox copy. Then click on Next.

Step 17 : Present Address Details

As is currently the candidate

  • Door No
  • Street Name
  • Village Name
  • Post Office
  • Pin Code
  • Zone Or Block
  • District
  • The State

Enter the details and upload the certificate in JPG/JPEG/PDF format within 2MB.

Uploading any one of the following address documents is sufficient.

  • Water, electricity, and gas connections Bill for that address (at least 1 year)
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Current passbook of a nationalized or scheduled bank or post office
  • Indian Passport
  • Revenue Department’s Land ownership records, including Kisan Bahi
  • Registered Rent Lease Deed (in the case of tenant)
  • Registered Sale Deed (in the case of owning a house)

The candidate must self-attest to the document, i.e., put their signature / stamp on the xerox copy. Then click on Next.

Step 18 : Disability Details

This section can be left out if you do not become a divyang (handicapped). However, only one of the following should be selected:

  • Locomotive (bone related)
  • Visual
  • Deaf & Dumb
  • Other

If there is a certificate, put yes and upload it. Otherwise tick NO. Then click on ↓Next.

Step 19: Specifics Regarding Family Members

If no member of the household possesses a voter card, there is no need to fill out this area; otherwise, it is not required. Enter the name of the guardian, their relationship to the mother and father, and their voter card number, and then click the “Next” button if there is a card for them in the family.

The final step, Declaration

  • Hamlet / Municipality
  • State, and Utah
  • Municipality

Enter the year, as well as the month, of residency to get the total number of years. Then, after entering the location where you are now applying and the date when you submitted your application, click the “Next” button.

Step 21: Type the Captcha Into the Box

Please enter the Captcha code that appears.

Step 22: After that, click the Save button.

Click on the Preview and Submit button (Step 23). Verify every aspect of the situation. If it is incorrect, then you should correct it using the Keep Editing option. If you are sure that everything is accurate, click the “Submit” button.

Step 24: Do you wish to submit this form with your current selections? happens to be. Select the option Yes.

The final step, number 25, involves receiving an acknowledgment number after submitting the application. Take note of that figure. You will be able to get the receipt using the get Acknowledgment system. Make a copy of it, and be sure to store it safely. If everything checks out, the BLO will issue you a voter card number. And the replacement card will either be mailed to the address you provide or your BLO will go to them in order to get it.

How Can I Check the Status of My Application for a New Voter Card?
How to Check the Status of Your Application:

Step 1: After logging into the website previously stated, navigate to the home page and select the Track Application Status option.

Step 2: In the Reference Number field, type in the Acknowledgment Number, and then click the Submit button in the area where the state is not selected.

Step 3: If you go to Current state, you will be able to find out the current state.