Block Axis Credit Card, How to Block Axis Credit Card

How to Stop Using My Axis Bank Credit Card, Axis Bank Credit Card: How to Stop Using Your Card and Apply for a Replacement Credit cards are the financial tools that assist you in boosting the purchasing power of your consumers. Cardholders must exercise extreme caution when making purchases with their credit card to avoid fraudulent charges and other undesirable outcomes. Axis Bank gives you many different options to choose from when blocking your credit card. The following are some options for you to consider when deciding how to freeze your Axis Bank credit card.

Block Axis Credit Card

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Block your credit card by SMSing 5676782 from your registered mobile number. Simply write BLOCK XXXX (the last four digits of your credit card number).

Block Axis Credit Card, How to Block Axis Credit Card

If you lose your Axis Bank credit card, you should first get in touch with the bank to have the card blocked for your protection; otherwise, all of your money could disappear if the card falls into the wrong hands. Sending an SMS, calling an emergency hotline number, and using online banking are some of the many options available to you from Axis Bank when you want to block your credit card. To disable the credit card associated with your Axis bank account, follow the instructions below.

Option 1 requires you to send a short message service (SMS) message from the mobile number that is registered with Axis Bank to block your Axis Bank credit card. Send the message “BLOCK XXXX (the last four digits of your credit card number)” to the number 5676782 by typing it in and sending it.

Option 2: Customers can call the Axis Bank emergency helpline number (1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555) and verify their identities while on the phone with a customer care representative, who would then assist them.

Option 3: If you can access the Axis Bank online banking service, navigate to Account > My Cards > More Services. If you use the Axis Mobile app, navigate to Banking > Services > Credit Card > Block & Replace Card.

Option 4 If you cannot connect with any of the three choices mentioned earlier, your final and only available alternative is to visit any nearby bank branch to have your Axis Bank debit card blocked. Complete the card-blocking forum registration or bring your application to the attention of the bank executive.