Block HDFC Credit Card, How to Block HDFC Credit Card?

How to Stop Payments on Your HDFC Credit Card: If you believe someone has stolen your HDFC credit card, you may quickly block or cancel the card by calling the customer service lines for HDFC Bank.

How to Block HDFC Credit Card

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Contact HDFC Credit Card Customer Care at 1860-267-6161 

Block HDFC Credit Card

How to Stop Payments on a Credit Card or Deactivate It Online: You can hotlist or cancel your HDFC Bank Credit Card by calling our Phone Banking lines, blocking it online using Net Banking, or visiting an HDFC office if you have lost it or had it stolen.

You Can Put a Hold on Your HDFC Credit Card Through NetBanking

Follow these instructions to disable your credit card via the Internet Banking system.

  1. You need to sign in to your online banking account using NetBanking.
  2. Navigate to the page labelled “Credit Cards,” and then choose the card whose access you wish to restrict by clicking on it.
  3. After logging into your NetBanking account, you will receive a list of your credit cards.
  4. Indicate the number of the credit card.
  5. Select the reason why the credit card was placed on the watch list.
  6. You may also reissue a card by following the same procedures as before.

You Can Put a Hold on Your HDFC Credit Card Through phone banking.

PhoneBanking allows you to put a ban on or cancel your HDFC Bank credit card in the following manner:

  1. Before making any calls, double-check that your Telephone Identification Number (TIN) is correct.
  2. The bank will provide you with this access code, often a four-digit number, so that you may use the PhoneBanking services.
  3. Ensure that you comply with all instructions after the TIN has been validated.

You may cancel your HDFC credit card by going to the bank branch.

  1. Obtain a copy of the application form.
  2. Take the necessary steps to complete your request by going to an HDFC Bank location and submitting the form there.

What You Need to Do to Get Your HDFC Credit Card Unblocked

To request an unblocked credit card, call the HDFC Credit Card Customer Care number, 1860-267-6161. HDFC lists customer service centre phone numbers for various cities on its official website.

You are entitled to have your card unlocked if the bank has disabled it because of excessive spending or outstanding bills. If you have lost or had your credit card stolen, you should not attempt to unblock it.


When my HDFC credit card has been denied, what options do I have to pay my monthly bill?

You may still pay at an HDFC Bank location even if your credit card has been frozen since you can deposit cash, a check, or a demand draft.

How can I permanently stop my HDFC credit card from using the internet?

You can download the form to close your credit card online. You may fill out the form by going to and doing so. After completing it, you should mail it to the Manager of HDFC Bank Credit Cards at the address: PO Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041.

I’d want to put a temporary hold on my HDFC credit card.

Yes, you can, and this function will allow you to block the credit card and unblock it temporarily. Go to the ‘Manage Card’ area of the HDFC credit card net banking website after you have logged into your account on the HDFC website.