Block SBI Credit Card, How to Block SBI Credit Card?

Credit Card SBI Lost: The first thing you should do if your SBI credit card is lost or stolen is to block it. Blocking your SBI credit card is a simple and painless operation. In the event of such a crisis,

How to Block SBI Credit Card

You can also dial 1860 180 1290 to block your credit card.

You must immediately report the stolen, lost, or damaged SBI credit card to the bank using online or physical channels. This reduces the potential for fraud or the misappropriation of funds. The bank will immediately block your SBI card number, and a new SBI credit card will be issued.

Block SBI Credit Card

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Methods for Disabling SBI Credit Cards

To ban your SBI credit card, you can use one of the following online or offline procedures.

Online Approaches

official website for SBI

  1. Check out the State Bank of India’s website.
  2. Use your credentials to sign into your Net Banking account.
  3. Select the ‘Report Lost/Stolen Card’ link under the ‘Requests’ heading.
  4. From the list of possibilities, choose your SBI credit card.
  5. If you wish the credit card to be reissued, choose “Reissue Card.”
  6. Press ‘Submit’ to disable your SBI card.

The SBI Mobile App

  1. Get the official SBI app for your smartphone and install it.
  2. Log in to your account using your login information.
  3. Select the “Service Request” option from the “Menu” option.
  4. Choose the ‘Report Lost/Stolen’ option.
  5. From the list of possibilities, choose your SBI credit card.
  6. Select’ Reissue Card’ from the menu if you wish your card to be reissued.
  7. To disable your SBI card, click “Submit”.

Offline Approaches

Service for Customers

Call the SBI credit card customer service toll-free number at 1860-180-1290 to start the process of banning your SBI card. You may call 3902-0202 using your registered mobile number and the regional STD prefix. An executive from the customer service team will answer the phone and register your complaint while guiding you through the rest of the procedure.


You must send an SMS from the registered cellphone number on your account to disable the SBI card. You can email the last four digits of your SBI credit card and the word “BLOCK” to the number 5676791. The automated system will immediately process your request to block your SBI credit card.

The Branch Visit

Contact the nearby branch office to learn how to disable SBI credit cards. Before banning your SBI credit card, the relevant executive will need identification documentation for verification.


What steps must I take to ban my SBI credit card permanently?

According to your convenience and appropriateness, you can choose between accessing the SBI website, mobile app, customer care service, or SMS to restrict SBI credit cards permanently.

How can I stop using my lost or stolen SBI credit card?

You have several options for notifying the bank if your SBI credit card is lost or stolen. In addition to visiting your nearby bank office, you may use SBI’s mobile app, customer support helpline number, and SMS service. To ban your SBI credit card, you can start the process offline or online.

How can I apply for a new SBI credit card?

By visiting the SBI website and signing into your net banking account using your login information, you can request a new SBI credit card. Find the ‘Reissue/Replace Card’ option under the ‘Request’ column, then click it. When requested, choose your current credit card number and click “Submit.” The bank will send the newly issued credit card to your registered address, saving you the time and effort of making another online credit card application.

If my SBI credit card has been stopped, how will I know?

Once you file a request to block your SBI credit card, the bank authorities verify it. After verification, a message confirming that the SBI card has been stopped will be sent to your registered phone number and email address.

How can I disable my SBI credit card over the phone?

Call the customer service helpline number or use the SMS to ban your SBI credit card. From your registered cellphone number, send an SMS to 5676791 with the word “BLOCK” and the last four digits of your SBI credit card. The bank will process the request to block your SBI credit card immediately.