BOI ATM Block Number, Bank of India Debit Card Block Number 2024

How to Block Using Your Bank of India Debit Card Blocking the debit card is the first thing you should do if your Bank of India (BOI) debit card has ever been lost or misplaced in order to stop unauthorised use. Your card can be blocked in a variety of ways. These techniques are listed below.

BOI ATM Block Number,

How to Block an ATM Card from Bank of India In the event that the Bank of India ATM card is stolen or lost, it should be blocked immediately to prevent fraudulent transactions and financial loss. To stop fraudulent and unauthorised transactions using the account holder’s Bank of India ATM Card, it is essential to report the loss or theft of the Card.

Bank of India Debit Card Block Number 2024

Using the customer service number, If a suspect gets their hands on your debit card, they could use it fraudulently. Calling the Bank of India card hot listing number, which is available any time of day or night, is a simple and expedient action. The owner of the debit card must respond to the customer care representative’s questions regarding all necessary debit card information. Dial the number for the host listing below:

Bank of India ATM Block Number by Toll Free Number The customer can also hotlist the ATM card by dialling the landline number from their registered mobile number – the Bank of India debit card block number is 02240429123.

  1. Toll Free:1800 425 1112
  2. Land Line :(022) 40429123 / (022 )40429127
  • The numbers are accessible over all the network operators in the country.
  • If you utilise Bank of India net banking, logging in and banning cards using BOI net banking might be a significantly faster process for you. To block the card, take the following actions:
  1. Choose the Personal/Corporate Net Banking option while accessing the BOI website at
  2. Enter your Login ID and password to log into the account.
  3. The “Requests” tab can be selected.
  4. Choose “Debit-Cum-ATM Card” from the list and then click.
  5. To ban your Bank of India debit card, click “Hotlist Debit-cum-ATM Card” in the following window.
  6. Click “Submit” after selecting the Debit Card that you wish to ban.

You will receive confirmation through SMS and you are done.