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Change Address in Bank Of Maharashtra Account: A savings account allows you to put your money in a secure location and receive interest on it every month. This account’s funds can be deposited or withdrawn at any time. It may be accessed by anybody.

BOM Bank Address Change Form

Because the address on your bank passbook or account statement acts as evidence of address, it is always a good habit for all customers to verify the address on your passbook and keep it up to date in their bank accounts to avoid any problems and communication gaps. If you already have a savings bank account with Bank Of Maharashtra, you may need to modify your address in your account with Bank Of Maharashtra at some point in the future if it has to be updated.

Why to Change the Address in Bank Account?

You need to change your address so that:

  • You do not miss any crucial notification delivered to your address by the bank.
  • Proof of Address is acceptable in the form of a bank statement or a bank passbook.
  • Banks only mail debit cards, PINs, cheque books, and account statements to this address.

How to Change Address in Bank Of Maharashtra

Reasons for Updating Your Bank Of Maharashtra Address, In any of the following scenarios, you may wish to alter or update your address in your account:

  • Your correspondence address has been updated.
  • Your old address is still showing up on your bank account.
  • Your address is wrong or incomplete in your account.
  • Your address does not display in your bank account.
  • You could have moved to a new place.
  • Someone else’s address appears in lieu of yours.
  • Further reasons

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