BOM Bank KYC Form, Bank of Maharashtra Re KYC Form Download

How can you update or change your Bank of Maharashtra EKYC You must take the following actions in order to alter your registered mobile number with Bank of Maharashtra:

BOM Bank KYC Form,

Welcome to the Bank of Maharashtra Video KYC Re-KYC page. Customers have access to a paperless, touchless, and contactless online service called Video Re-KYC through VKYC. There is no need to go to the branch; instead, the consumer may complete the transaction while sitting at home. The consumer will finish the Re-KYC procedure through a video chat with a bank representative under the Video KYC process.

  • Mobile number should be linked with your Aadhaar number
  • Please keep your Account Number and Aadhaar Number handy with you for verification during the re-KYC Process
  • You need to have your original PAN Card during the re- KYC process

I give Bank of Maharashtra and its agents permission to contact me regarding my application by phone, text message, or WhatsApp. Any DNC or NDNC registration is superseded by the consent. I can attest that I am in India. I read and agree Bank of Maharashtra’s terms and conditions. I am a major and a resident of India.

Bank of Maharashtra Re KYC Form Download PDF