Canara Bank KYC Form, Canara Bank Re KYC Form PDF Download

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Download Canara Bank KYC Form for Individual

If you have opened the Canara bank account online then you need to submit your KYC data again to your bank after 1 year. Account holders must complete a KYC form in order to do it. Sometimes the KYC update form must be submitted even by account holders who created their Canara bank accounts offline. We are unable to update Canara Bank’s KYC information online.

Canara Bank Re KYC Form PDF Download

How to Update KYC Details in Canara Bank

The form mentioned above has several purposes; you can use it to seek an address change, order a debit card, or request a chequebook.

  • You must check the box next to Documents submitted for KYC Compliance in field number 12 if you want to update your KYC information. Incomplete KYC information and properly signed copies of your Aadhar card and PAN card must be submitted.
  • Moreover, provide your account information and name in field 12 as well as the From and To information in the top fields of this form. (Together with your name, customer ID, email address, and cellphone number).
  • After filling all the required details sign the form and submit directly to your Canara bank branch.

When a bank representative requests a written request letter to update your KYC information, use the format provided below.

Download Canara Bank KYC Form 2024