How To Fill Bank Deposit Slip, How To Fill Cash Deposit Form

How to fill deposit slip in bank, Friends, in today’s banking post, we are going to tell you how to fill the cash deposit slip in the bank correctly. Although this work is very easy, but for those who are less educated or depositing money for the first time, this work may seem a bit difficult, so we are writing this post.

Fill Bank Deposit Slip

In today’s time, whether it is a village or a city, people of all places have bank accounts. Almost every person’s bank account has been opened through Jan Dhan Yojana. Due to which people have started depositing money in the bank. At present, automatic cash deposit machines have been installed in many big banks, but even today most banks deposit money only through deposit slips.

How to fill the slip for depositing money in the bank?

The method of filling the cash deposit slip is almost the same in all the banks. Here we are going to tell you about how to fill slip of Allahabad Bank. As you can see in the image below, the cash deposit slip looks like this, in which there is a customer copy and a bank copy.

  1. PAN NO – At the top, where you see the PAN NO box, you have to enter your Pancard number (If you are depositing more than fifty thousand rupees, then it is mandatory to give the PAN number. If you deposit less than fifty thousand, you will not have to fill it. No need) 
  2. DATE – Enter the date on which you are depositing the money in the date column.
  3. BRANCH – Enter your branch location in the branch, if not known it is written in the passbook.
  4. Tick ​​on the type of your account like – SB, OD, CC, RD
  5. ACCOUNT NUMBER – After that fill your account number correctly in the box below.
  6. NAME – Here you have to enter the name of the person in whose name the account is.
  7. TELEPHONE NO & EMAIL ID – Enter the phone number and email address if it is there or leave it blank.
  8. Rupees in words – Fill the amount of money you are depositing here in words
  9. CASH DEPOSIT – In this box you will see the numbers of the notes, here you have to give the details of the notes or coins you are depositing. Like – if you are depositing Rs 3000 and there is one note of two thousand, one note of five hundred and five notes of one hundred rupees, then you will have to give their details like this

2000×1 = 2000

500×1= 500

100×5 = 500

Total = 3000

Signature of depositor – In this, the person who is depositing money has to sign his own, it is not necessary that the one who has an account should do this work, any person who is depositing money in someone’s bank has to sign it.

Just like the bank copy, you fill the customer copy in the same way. After depositing money in the bank, you get this copy in the form of a receipt with a stamp.

In which language the slip should be filled – Many people have a question that in which language the bank slip should be filled, then let us tell you that you can fill the cash slip in any language, Hindi or English, just the information given by you should be correct. Needed.