BOM Mobile Number Change, Online & Offline, How to Update Bank Of Maharashtra Bank Mobile Number Change Form Download

When it comes to bank account security, one of the most significant factors is the cellphone number. Regardless of which bank you have an account with or what sort of account you have. You should constantly ensure that your cellphone number is current in your bank’s database. In this post, I’ll show you how to update or modify your cellphone number in your Bank of Maharashtra account.

BOM Bank Mobile Number Change,

I explained that your cellphone number is a vital component of your account’s security. Furthermore, it is critical for the money or balance on your account. This is due to the fact that whenever a transaction is made using your bank account. The bank will send you an SMS alerting you to the transactions. If you have not completed the transactions, you might have your ATM card, Internet Banking, or Mobile Banking blocked.

Maharashtra Bank Mobile Number Change Form Download

How to Change Mobile Number in Bank of Maharashtra?

This allows you to keep track of the transactions that occur in your account. It might be a debit or credit transaction. The issue is not only regarding transaction alerts; whenever you make an online payment, you will receive an OTP from the bank. This OTP is only delivered to the registered mobile phone. Here are some of the reasons why you should maintain your phone number up to date.

Steps to Change Mobile Number in Bank of Maharashtra Account

I have not covered any online methods in this article, but I have covered an offline one below. The account holder must visit the home branch and make a written request to the bank using this technique. Continue reading for more information on the subject.

Steps to Update of Change Mobile Number in Bank of Maharashtra Account:

  1. Pull out a sheet of paper. (A4 is the preferred size.)
  2. Address your application letter to the branch manager of your home branch.
  3. Mention “Change of Registered Mobile Number” as the topic of the letter.
  4. Specify in the letter’s body that you have changed your primary mobile phone number. And would like to amend the information in the bank records.
  5. Specify your name, bank account number, old phone number, and new phone number.
  6. Bring any of your identification verification documents or your bank passbook with you.
  7. Pay a visit to your local branch.
  8. Inform the bank staff that you wish to change your phone number.
  9. Send in your application letter. And, if questioned, produce your identification confirmation paper to the officials.

BOM Mobile Number Change Form

Here is how you may alter your Bank of Maharashtra registered cellphone number. The bank usually changes the number within 1 to 2 business days. If you find a change cellphone number form on the bank’s official website or at your local branch. You then utilise that form as well.