Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, How to Get Indian Bank Mini Statement

Indian Bank Statement Short and Comprehensive Transaction Statement History, A bank statement includes all of the specific financial transactions that took place over a specified time period, typically a month. The statement includes the beginning and ending balances for the period along with deposits,

Indian Bank Mini Statement

Charges, and withdrawals. Every month, account holders typically analyze their bank statements to assist them keep track of their spending and costs and to check for any erroneous or fraudulent charges. If you have a bank account with any Indian Bank branch and would like further information about financial transactions. The bank provides a number of options for obtaining account statement information.

Indian Bank (IB) Mini Statement

Indian Bank Mini Statement Information through SMS, Type in the message LATRAN Account number> MPIN> and send it to 94443-94443 from your registered mobile phone in the bank to inquire about an Indian bank mini statement. After all, if you need any other form of aid or assistant. For more information, call the Indian Bank customer service line.

Press o.k. and send it to 94443-94443. Once the message is delivered. You will get the information as a SMS.

Indian Bank Mini Statement Number
Indian Bank Mini Statement Number

How to Get Indian Bank Mini Statement

(For instance, if a consumer wants to know his balance and his account number is 989898989, the MPIN for that transaction is 5555. He needs to text “LATRAN 989898989 5555″ to 9444394443, which will then validate it and provide the customer an SMS with the account balance due.)

Additional Info Related to Indian Bank Services

To receive, send an SMS to the SMS Banking number 94443-94443 with the desired keyword.

1BALAVLBalance EnquiryBALAVL <A/c no> <MPIN>
2LATRANLast 3 TransactonLATRAN <A/c no> <MPIN> | LATRAN <MPIN> (For default account)
3CHQSTSIssued Cheque status nquryCHQSTS <chq no> <A/c no> <MPIN> | CHQSTS <chq no> <MPIN> (For default account)
4DCHSTSDeposted Cheque Status EnquryDCHQSTS <chq no> <A/c no> <MPIN>
| DCHQSTS <chq no> <MPIN> (For default account)
6HELPHep on How to UseHELP <Code> <MPIN>

Detailed Transaction Statement Information for Indian Banks via Smartphone Application

  • Download the programme.
  • Use the customer information to log into the app.
  • Visit the Indian Bank website or choose to register on the app if you don’t have these details.
  • Once you’ve logged in, go to the statement option to use the app to verify the detailed statement.

How to Use Internet Banking to See Indian Bank Account Statements

You must sign up for the Indian bank internet banking service online, or you may do so in person by going to the nearby bank office and following the instructions, in order to inquire about your Indian bank statement details online.

  • See the Internet Banking page for Indian Bank at,
  • Enter your login information in the following step.
  • If you don’t know your login user ID or password, choose the corresponding option on the website to sign up for the Indian bank internet banking service
  • Choose the account option to view the detailed statement after logging into the app.