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A Guide to Deleting Your Account: – In order to connect with friends and family, users of the social networking software may create, edit, and share short musical clips. Some of our readers have mentioned that they are considering closing down their profiles. From our research, we know that the primary reason people deactivate their accounts with these services is to avoid having their inboxes clogged with unsolicited corporate newsletters and other promotional emails.

How to Delete

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We recommend marking the email as spam or unsubscribing from their newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button provided at the bottom of the email you received if email spamming is the reason you’re cancelling your account. If you want to remove your account for any other reason, I’ll show you how to do so in a few easy steps.

A Snippet of Background about the Firm

Luyu Yang and Alex Zhu created the popular social networking software, which users all around the world may download and use. There are reportedly 60 million users of this app all around the world, making it worth anywhere between $500 and $600 million as of May 2016.

Taking Down Your Page

The team at is presently developing a way for users to permanently deactivate their accounts from within the mobile app. The app’s next update could include this new function. You may ask them to remove your account from their system right now. Below you can find instructions on how to make a request.

Website-Based Account Deletion

  • For help, please send a ticket at
  • What can we do to aid you? Select PRODUCT REVIEW.
  • Pick either iOS or Android under Select Platform.
  • What app do you have comments about? Pick MUSICAL.LY.
  • What aspect of this functionality do you have comments on? Pick ANOTHER
  • Simply enter your email address that you used to sign up for the website, give an explanation for why you want your account deleted, and then click the SUBMIT button.

Sending a letter will cancel your account.

  • Check your account’s registered email address.
  • Next, fire out an email and send it to
  • Put “REQUEST TO REMOVE MY ACCOUNT” in the subject line.
  • Follow the format of the email we’ve provided below to inform us that you want to delete your account.

Keep checking back here for the latest information on closing your account.