TMB RTGS & NEFT Form, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank RTGS/NEFT Form PDF 2024 Download

TMB Bank RTGS Form is used to transfer funds above Rs. 2 lakh from any TMB Bank Account. TMB Bank NEFT Form is used for transfers of less than 2 lakh rupees from any TMB Bank Account. To complete the transaction, you must complete an RTGS or NEFT form. You may now get TMB Bank RTGS / NEFT Forms here for fund transfers in India. TMB Bank RTGS Form and TMB Bank NEFT Challan Form may be downloaded from Banks Guide.


Download TMB NEFT/RTGS Form PDF-: Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd is an Indian private sector bank. The company’s headquarters are in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India. TMB began as the Nadar Bank on May 11, 1921. Nevertheless, in November 1962, the name was changed to Tamilnad Mercantile Bank- TMB in order to broaden its appeal beyond the Nadar community.


TMB Bank RTGS System and RBL Bank NEFT System, Bank provides Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) & National Electronic Fund Transfer System (NEFT) which enables an efficient, secure, economical, and reliable system of transferring funds from bank to bank as well as from remitter’s account in one bank to beneficiary’s account in another bank across the country.

In PDF format, download the Tamilnad Mercantile Bank RTGS and NEFT Application Form. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank NEFT Form in PDF Format Download the Tamilnad Mercantile Bank RTGS Form as a PDF file. Download the most recent and up-to-date Tamilnad Mercantile Bank RTGS / NEFT Form in PDF format, RTGS/ NEFT Request Form for Tamilnad Mercantile Bank, Download the Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Electronic Remittance Transaction Initiation Voucher (RTGS / NEFT), and then print it.

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank NEFT Pay Slip, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank RTGS Pay Slip in PDF, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank IMPS Transfer Form, TMB Bank RTGS Form are all available for download. Simply enter the name of the branch, the amount to be transferred, and the remitter and beneficiary information. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to get the Tamilnad Mercantile Bank RTGS, NEFT Form in PDF format.

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank  RTGS Outward Charges:

  • Rs. 2 Lakhs to Less Than Rs. 5 Lakhs: Rs. 25 per transaction plus time varying tariff as below.
  • Above Rs. 5 Lakhs: Rs. 50 per transaction plus time varying tariff as below.
  • Additional Time Varying Tariff: 09:00 to 12:00 hrs – NIL, 12:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs – Rs. 1.00, 15:30 hts to 17:30 hrs – Rs. 5.00, Beyond 17:30 hrs – Rs. 10.00.

TMB आरटीजीएस और एनईएफटी फॉर्म पीडीएफ

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