UCO Bank ATM Block, How to Block UCO Bank ATM Card

how to Block using your UCO Bank debit card, While mistakes are unavoidable, failing to correct them can result in losses in your finances. What if you got an SMS warning that money was being withdrawn from your account? All of this might occur if your debit card for your UCO Bank account is misplaced and used fraudulently.

UCO Bank ATM Block

However, in India, a lost debit card cannot be used without a PIN. A PIN code with four digits is not very safe. A major catastrophe might result from using a PIN that is widely used or from writing one down. The basic methods for blocking your UCO Bank debit card are listed below.

UCO Bank ATM Block Number

UCO Bank Debit Card Block Number for SMS To Hotlist your ATM or Debit Card, simply send an SMS in the format shown below. Send HOTspace > xxxx to 9230192301. XXXX represents the final four digits of your card number. To block all cards associated with your registered mobile number, text HOT to 9230192301.

Call UCO Bank Customer Care

The bank’s customer service number can be called for the most practical manner to block your UCO bank debit card. Their agents will direct you and Block your card. Just keep in mind that after your debit card is blocked, all transactions of all kinds will stop.

24/7 Toll Free no: 1800 103 0123

Send an SMS

Your UCO Bank Debit Card can also be blocked through SMS. To Hotlist your ATM or debit card, just send an SMS in the style shown below.

HOT<space>xxxx and send to 9230192301

*Here xxxx will be the last 4 digits of your card number.

Send this message to 9230192301 to ban all the cards associated with your registered mobile number: HOT.

Send E-mail

Sending a message to the bank’s official contact email is another way to do your card hot listing. Give the account number and all other debit card information.

Customers of UCO Bank can email uco.custcare@ucobank.co.in, and their cards will be blocked after a confirmation.

Use UCO mBanking

You may ban your Debit card using the official UCO Bank mobile application, mBanking. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Install the mBanking app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Use your net banking login information to log in. Alternatively, you can register a new user by selecting New User.
  • Select Request from the list of options below.
  • From the selection that appears, choose Hot selection Debit Card.
  • Click Block after selecting the card you wish to block. An OTP will be issued to the account’s registered cellphone number (you may provide a justification for the blocking of your debit card). Enter it, then choose Confirm.

Done? A confirmation notice will appear on the screen. If a reference number is provided, write it down or snap a screenshot of the screen containing it.

By Visiting UCO Bank Branch

A request can also be made at the nearby UCO bank branch. The staff will provide you instructions on how to disable your debit card and offer advice.

But compared to the methods mentioned above, this mode is not as quick or practical. Additionally, if your card is lost or stolen at odd hours or on a bank holiday, you are unable to visit the bank. Utilising customer care services is advised because they are quicker and more effective. By banning your card, you may avoid any extra issues that a lost debit card can cause.

The above ways will definitely solve your problem at a greater extent. Don’t share your OTP and PIN with anyone. Keep your card in a safe place and avoid handing over the same for future concerns.